[CyanogenMod] New Experience KitKat Galaxy Y v1.0

Halo sob, pada postingan kali ini admin mau share custom rom KitKat nih. Tapi rom ini ga 100% asli KitKat. Rom ini di port oleh salah satu Senior Member XDA bernama Xicor Yagami .
Full features:
v1.0 - 20/11/2013
- Based on Official Cyanogenmod 7.2.0
build 01-03-2013 (dd-mm-yy) Nightly;
- Mr.Android kernel by dany547.
- Holo Launcher v2.0.4;
- Presetted Holo Launcher settings;
- System themed rom in KitKat Style
(white icons in statusbar, titlebar in
settings etc);
- Resized for LDPI choose lock pattern
and tutorial;
- Resized for LDPI choose lock
- Resized for LDPI choose lock pin;
- Themed in ICS-JB-KK-Blue style default
cm 7.2 lockscreens;
- Presetted lockscreen style;
- Presetted lockscreen widget style;
- New Lense lockscreen theme;
- ICS-JB-KK Patterns style;
- New Themed lockscreen bubbles style:
resized and optimized for LDPI display,
port png from CM10.1 and moved
carrier to bottom;
- Center clock full working (thanks to
squadzone and JerryScript for source);
- Ability to change bootanimation
- Resized color picker for clock,
statusbar, notification pulldown, power
widget indicator color and contacts;
- Music.apk with notification in
statusbar in ICS-JB-KK Style and new
- 10 Steps volume for ringtones,
notifications, alarms, voice calls, and
- 20 Steps volume for music;
- SystemUI.apk in Android 4.1 style with
slide header for access to brightness
- Settings.apk in KK style;
- Phone.apk with black background in
ICS-JB-KK style;
- Contacts.apk themed in ICS-JB-KK
- Hecker's Keyboard full themed in JB-
KK Style;
- CMScreenshot.apk ported from
CyanMobile in JB-KK Style with camera
click sound;
- Changed default folder for screenshot:
now we can find it in sdcardDCIMNew
Experience Screenshot;
- New Experience Wallpapers app;
- Tablet Tweaks (softkey) enabled in a
- Camerasound onoff patch by
- Videosound onoff patch by
- Android 4.3 Font;
- Full odexed rom;
- CMparts.apk (cyanogenmod settings)
enriched with my mod (changable
bootanimation and font, statusbar
transparency, pulldown color and
transparency, clock position and color,
new option for performance as Low
Memory Killer and SD ahead cache
settings etc);
- Adrenaline boost by ImbaWind;
- Setperm tweak by me;
- Bravia Engine;
- build.prop new tweaks;
- Dalvik set at 48m to default;
- KSM Disabled;
- Compcache disabled;
- Dithering disabled;
- 16 bit trasparency enabled;
- Scrolling cache disabled to default;
- HOT!!!! Beats Sound with Dolby Mobile
in DPS Manager for perfect sound;
- Ability to install unknown source
applications at first boot;
- Disabled mobile data at first boot;
- Dsabled data roaming at first boot;
- Presetted on "GSM Only" network
- Pre-patched host file (adaway) for not
have advertisemant in applications;
- Removed applications: Voice Dialer
TTS, Pico TTS, Theme Chooser and
Theme Provider, CM Update Notify, CM
Stats, Protips, Genie Widget, LatinIme
default cm7 keyboard;


Download ROM nya www.mediafire.com/download/kl99v87c7w9zi7o/NewExperienceKitKatSpecialEdition_v1.0.zip
Kernel www.mediafire.com/download/3n1i3cafl79m1qc/CyanogenMod%232.zip
Cara install
1. Download dulu Rom dan kernel nya
2. Taruh file nya di sdcard, ga usah dikasi folder
3. Matikan Gal Y sobat, dan masuk ke CWM Recovery Mode ( Pastikan sobat sudah mendownload CWM Recovery )
4. Wipe data dan cache
5. Mounts and storage > mount system, data, cache
6. Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard
7. Flash kernel
8. Advanced > Reboot Recovery
9. Mounts and storage > Format system, data, cache
10. Mount system, data, cache
11. Install zip from sdcard > Choose zip from sdcard
12. Flash ROM nya
Booting pertama memakan waktu kurang lebih 5 menit
Admin nggak tanggung jawab jika terjadi kerusakan pada hp sobat, cara diatas sudah admin test. Ingat !! Lakukan dengan resiko sobat sendiri
Selamat Mencoba
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